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Tencel launches ‘good filter’ to support new campaign


To support the #CheckWhatsGood campaign, Tencel has launched a ‘good filter.’ The ‘good filter’ invites the public to use the filter to share all of the “good” things that they see and do each day for the planet. From choosing clothing made out of sustainable fibers and using metal straws, to bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or biking to the office, there are so many simple things we can do each day to make a difference for the planet. The "Good" filter can also be accessed through the IG Effects Gallery in IG stories.

The new action-oriented social media based campaign has been designed to encourage us all to "check" themselves this month and take stock of the small decisions we make & habits we build to support a healthier planet. The goal is also to help consumers of all ages understand that when they see a Tencel™ logo, they can trust what they are buying and know that it is sustainably sourced.

In addition to the #CheckWhatsGood filter, Tencel also plans to launch an assortment of interactive tips, tricks, and simple changes we can make for a more sustainable life, along with fun quizzes, informative events, and brand giveaways, all through their Instagram stories.