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Swiss textile machinery maker Steiger interested in East Africa

Swiss flat knitting machine builder Steiger is looking to spread out in the East African knitwear market. Ethiopia, with a population of more than 100 million and considered to have good potential for the mid to long term. Various foreign textile manufacturers have already installed production units in Ethiopia, with the attraction of low production costs. Ethiopia and neighboring East African countries are increasingly viewed as fertile grounds for technological and commercial developments in textile production. The region is widely viewed as an emerging option for global apparel sourcing. Machinery and know-how from Switzerland offers the innovative and quality-focused boost that these markets can utilise to raise their competitiveness and broaden their appeal to international customers.

Steiger is part of the Cixing Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of flat knitting machines. Steiger has also launched a new app, which will allow, for example, a Steiger machine user in Brazil to live link to a Steiger technical expert in Europe for assistance. The company launched the Stitch Lab in 2017, where experts in knitting and programming work together with clients on developing their future applications. In the Stitch Lab Steiger develops 3D articles for knitwear, for medical applications and for composite materials.


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