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Stoll launches new trends collection


Textile machinery manufacturer Stoll has launched a new collection of designer pieces tilted ‘Wonderful.’ As per a Textile Value Chain report, the new trends collection serves different areas of application that includes Stoll knit and wear® products in the new gauge of E 10.2 and in established gauges, such as E 7.2, The collection also displays Stoll -weave-in® and Stoll -ikat plating® techniques for creating novel patterns, display material usages and colour impressions. The collection offer customization in selected products via Stoll-autocreate®. The trends collection also includes a sustainable footwear fabric solution that was created in collaboration with renowned players in textile value creation.

Launched in March 2022, the collection was well-received by customers in Italy. A few customers also adopted the new pattern options contained there directly into their current collection, and ordered the necessary technical kids to convert their machines, as per Jörg Hartmann, Head - Fashion & Technology, Stoll.


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