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Post COVID-19 industry to shift to conscious consumption: Experts

During Fashion Snoops’ ‘Making sustainability the new normal’ discussion last week, many fashion experts anticipated an industry-wide shift to conscious consumption in the post-pandemic world.

Panelists agreed that sustainability is no longer optional—it’s a concept that’s now vital to staying in business.

One of the main reasons for this is society’s newfound connection with nature. As the pandemic continues on, consumer spending is slowing. People are now staying indoors more than ever and reflecting inward, taking inventory of what they truly need. Experts believe this shift in perspective will likely translate in their future purchases.

According to Nia Silva, Fashion Snoops’ materials editor, now that society is opening its eyes to the interconnectedness of all things, the industry needs to respond accordingly and start “championing the rights of nature.

But according to the experts, there’s still more that needs to be done—and sizable change requires sizeable adoption. Panelists agreed that legislation would help motivate businesses to act more sustainably, as companies that fail to adopt sustainable practices often do so because of budget concerns.