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Polartec launches upgraded Polartec Power Fill insulation

Leading provider of innovative textile solutions, Polartec has introduced upgraded version of Power Fill insulation now made of 100 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. Polartec Power Fill products are currently available from customers Bight Gear and Triple Aught Design, with product also planned from Blackyak, Crazy Idea, Giro, Goldwin, Millet, P1G-Tac, Reusch and Samas.

Markedly, the company started using 80 per cent recycled materials in its innovative technology to lead the charge in the textile industry just one year ago, and today, it has already reached the 100 per cent mark quicker than the expectations. Gary Smith, Polartec CEO states finding sustainable solutions is a core objective of the science of fabric.

The process of Polartec power is stable layer, removing the need for disposable scrims, stabilising agents, or carriers used by some competing insulations. Unnecessary scrims add weight and may not be made from recycled content, possibly skewing warmth-to-weight ratios and recycled content measurements. By eliminating the need for a wasteful scrim, Polartec Power Fill is said to be warmer for its weight, reduces cold spots and aesthetic changes from migrating fibres, and opens up countless design possibilities.

Reportedly, the company advertises that its Power Fill technology is not heavy and its warm insulation system can help in drying the water and compressing the fabric at the same time. This technology is already being used by brands like Triple Aught Design, Millet, and Bight Gear, as the technology is better suited for the cold weather apparel.