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Platform for buyers and producers

Foursource is a digital matching platform that brings textile producers and buyers (purchasers) at sports brands and fashion labels together – in a digital marketplace.

Digitization encompasses the entire value chain in the sports textile industry. In most cases, however, only e-commerce, marketing, or the digitization of production are discussed. One area of the supply chain that is often left out is sourcing i.e. textile procurement. Here too digital solutions can bring competitive advantages.

A sourcing platform like Foursource has many benefits for buyers. The targeted search for new manufacturers is much easier thanks to the matching function and filter options. For example, it is possible to source for a specific country. Sports fashion brands can use the marketplace to see where there’s free capacity, in stock material, for example.

Buyers can better manage their suppliers. They can also send requests for quotations to new or existing manufacturers. Brand purchasers get a much better overview of the other services offered by their existing manufacturers, right down to the list of machines. Under certain circumstances, this could create further cooperation and leeway for price negotiations and better logistics and transport options for purchasers.

Textile manufacturers can indicate which brands they’ve worked for on the Foursource platform. Certificates can also be uploaded.