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Novozymes introduces Livelong based on plant based fibers

Novozymes has launched Livelong, a solution for producing better quality and longer lasting clothes from plant-based fibers. Livelong is a biological solution where enzymes are used to extend the lifetime of fabrics. Until now, the enzyme technology process has only worked on cotton. The solution makes it possible for the first time to extend the life of plant-based fabrics by 20 per cent, making the garments look new, wash after wash. It saves substantial water, chemicals and energy by reducing textile waste.

Novozymes is a Danish company. Being a country of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions, Denmark is always striving towards technological advancements through research and development.

Global clothing production has more than doubled in the last 15 years, but consumers keep clothes for just half the amount of time, making the textile industry one of the most wasteful industries in the world. Consumers are demanding more sustainable solutions and they are willing to pay for it. However, they need help in making the right choice. Consumers are demanding traceability and transparency and they want to be informed. The market is changing, consumers are changing, and consumption patterns are changing. The next generation is far more conscious about what they are purchasing.