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New Archroma dye mimics indigo

Archroma’s new Diresul Smartdenim Blue is a liquid sulfur blue dye designed to mimic indigo. It has been especially designed to address the limitations of the Indicolors technology. The approach finds its origin in Archroma’s deep belief that it is possible to make the textile industry sustainable, economically and ecologically. Diresul Smartdenim Blue has a greener shade, better fastness to minimize back staining, and allows to create overall wash-downs much closer to actual indigo than any other dyestuff, whilst avoiding the greyish cast especially in bleaching with hypochlorite. It can be applied in all standard dyeing methods recommended for sulfur dyes, including pad-ox, pad-steam, exhaust, denim in all its variations (color denim, bottoming and topping of indigo), as well as in the Advanced Denim procedures (Denim-Ox, Pad-Sizing-Ox).

The new product will be the core of Archroma’s Indigo Reflection, a coloration system that behaves like indigo, with an even more sustainable and efficient application process compared to indigo. With this new innovation, Archroma completes its spectrum of eco-advanced denim coloration solutions, from this new indigo-mimicking Diresul Smartdenim Blue which is aniline-free and can be used in Archroma’s water-saving Advanced Denim technology, to its recent launch of the purest indigo, the aniline-free pre-reduced liquid Denisol Pure Indigo liquid.