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Meryl makes an impact with its unique polyamide yarns


Meryl Medical’s fabrics are based on the Meryl range of polyamide 6.6 yarns produced by Spain’s Nylstar. Fabrics based on this yarn range have proven to be more durable than, than cotton or polyester. The anti-shedding element is a property that is in the construction of the yarn. The non-shedding elements of the fabric are down to the Nylstar technology in the yarn. Meryl has worked closely with Nylstar to ensure the technology is put to best use in the highest quality fabrics. Meryl uses a hydrogen bonding to create strong molecular chains that seals in all microfibers in the yarns and the fabric is constructed to deliver exceptional touch with natural elasticity and the all-important (certified) non-shedding final product.

Meryl Medical’s fabrics are extremely versatile. The company has already manufactured bed sheets, pillowcases, polo shirts, face covers, tunics, doctors’ coats and many other apparel items. The business also involves the selling of fabrics directly to manufacturers.

The average lifecycle of textiles, including laundering, accounts for 6.7 per cent of all global greenhouse emissions, which is the equivalent of every person taking a 2,500-mile flight every year. Meryl Medical is passionate about the environment and sustainability.