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Kraig improves spider silk proteins

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has completed more than 2,500 microinjections using the new spider silk DNA synthesis methodology. This new method allows for faster creation of larger and more complex spider silk proteins. Larger and more complex proteins are believed to produce improved silk strength, toughness, and elasticity. These improved recombinant spider silk fibers will allow the company to target an expanded set of end market applications.

US-based Kraig Biocraft is a developer of spider silk based fibers. The company is looking forward to creating new transgenics with an abridged development cycle and enhanced materials performance. The transgenics created using the new protocols are expected to be transitioned into prodigy textiles.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories is a biotechnology company focused on the commercialization of new textiles and high performance fibers including spider silks. As the leading developer of genetically engineered spider silk based fiber technologies, Kraig Biocraft has been able to achieve a series of scientific breakthroughs in the area of spider silk technology.