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KOFOTI reprimands Kohl for cancelling orders

The Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) has hit back at retailer Kohl’s decision to cancel orders across the board. KOFOTI has demanded the store chain reconsider its commitments to manufacturers across the globe. While the group appreciates the devastating impact that the pandemic has had on the textile industry, KOFOTI’s states that Kohl’s has a responsibility to its suppliers, and shouldn’t leave them high and dry even as consumer demand plummets. Fabric mills in Korea are facing a tough time with demand thinning. So far, the sector has incurred more than $100 million in damages due to canceled orders or payment term extensions. About 150 Korean fabric mills, accessory mills, vendors and sample rooms have been affected.

The federation suggested Kohl to look at recent incidents where H&M, Primark and Zara, agreeing to pay textile workers after intense media scrutiny. The federation believes the matter with Kohl’s could be resolved amicably and it urged the company not to leverage force majeure clauses in its agreements to get out of making payments.