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Karl Mayer launches 4D-Knit generation of warp knitted fabrics


Karl Mayer has launched the new 4D-Knit generation of warp knitted fabrics that opens up previously unknown possibilities in design and product development. by Ulrike Schlenker.

As per Textile Network, the double needle bar raschel machine does not produce a classic spacer textile with monofilaments for spacing, but the space between the cover surfaces is filled with a bulked yarn. In addition, differently shrinking yarns are processed in intelligent combinations on the front and rear side of the warp knitted textiles and different lapping techniques are used. During the finishing process, this leads to high-low effects with differentiated markedness. Voluminous fabrics with small and flat reliefs or deep and bulky shapes with various motifs are created.

Strict geometric arrangements with high-low effects are just as possible as expansive plastic wavy arrangements, sparkling fruit looks or complex imaginative designs with different height profiles. Even hole patterns can be seamlessly and freely placed incorporated into the textiles. Functional clothing and shoes in particular provide breathability and a stylish look with the mesh parts. Additional colour and shape effects can be achieved when using suitable yarns. Especially designers and product developers in the clothing sector can enter completely new territory thanks to these articles with their futuristic looks and voluminous structure.