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Italian menswear revenue up three per cent

Made-in-Italy men’s fashion posted a 3.4 per cent revenue growth in 2017, higher than the 2.1 per cent rise initially forecast last January. Total menswear revenue was equivalent to a 17.2 per cent share of Italy’s overall textile/fashion revenue, and a 27.4 per cent one of apparel revenue alone.

Knitwear was up 7.6 per cent and garment manufacturing was up 3.4 per cent. Shirt and leather apparel production were down by more than two per cent and ties fell by 9.5 per cent. Exports accounted for 65.5 per cent of total menswear revenue.

In 2017, Germany surpassed France as the main foreign market for Italian menswear exports, growing 10.1 per cent. Exports to the UK also grew by a healthy 8.3 per cent, making the UK Italy’s second-largest market. France was up 3.8 per cent and Spain 3.9 per cent though the latter slowed down after the 15.4 per cent leap in 2016. Russia was one of the most positive markets for Italian menswear in 2017, with exports growing 19.6 per cent.