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Indian garment workers receive wages due to international pressure

A section of garment workers in India have received wages thanks to pressure from the US and EU-based international agencies on apparel brands that have outsourced production to garment factories in India.

Organizations such as United Students Against Sweat Shops and the Workers Rights Consortium have brought intense pressure on leading global brands to ensure that workers are paid in factories in Bengaluru, said the Garments and Textile Workers’ Union (GATWU), which has worked on similar lines in the past to improve working conditions. Not only are factories being forced to pay wages, international agencies have ensured that leading apparel brands do no cancel their orders, which in turn could harm the factories finances’ to pay wages.

With three factories in Bengaluru having closed already in the past month, workers in the garment sector are going through anxious times. While the current work is related to previous orders, fresh orders for the city’s garment sector, whose peak season starts from July, are still to come in.