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Indian apparel exports to grow upto 10%: Virender Uppal

According to Virender Uppal, Chairman, Richa Global Exports & Apparel Made-ups Furnishing Sector Skill Council ( AMH SSC), the Indian apparel export industry, which is currently struggling to survive, can grow up to 10 per cent in post COVID-19 scenario.

Uppal views the currrent slowdown to be a temporary phase. He urges the industry to gear up for a revival in demand.

As Indian apparel export is stagnant, the ray of hope is that India can export fashion masks worth $ 1 billion in the next few months, which is a new product category for Indian apparel exporters. Once the Government allows export of PPE, it can also be a big gain for Indian companies.

During 2019-20, India’s apparel exports were expected to be around Rs. 1,21,986 crore, but now due to pandemic, earlier orders have also been either cancelled or postponed for FY’21. So it can be expected that the export might be around one lakh crore, says Uppal.

AMH SSC is currently spearheading en masse skilling in apparel job roles so that when the demand grows, the country must have skilled hands. The council aims to empower people by skilling in apparel, made-ups and home furnishing sectors across the country.