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India’s March spun yarn exports decline

India’s spun yarn exports in March 2017 declined 47.6 per cent in volume terms and 39.3 per cent in value terms. In March 2017, 83 countries imported spun yarn from India, with Bangladesh at the top, accounting for 20.24 per cent of the total value, with imports plunging 41 per cent in terms of volume year on year and 32 per cent in value year on year. China was the second largest importer of spun yarns and accounted for around 17 per cent of all spun yarn exported from India. Exports to China were down 65 per cent in volume and 59 per cent lower in value.

Pakistan was the third largest importer of spun yarns, which saw volume rising 3.1 per cent and value rising 4.6 per cent. These three top importers together accounted for around 44 per cent of all spun yarns exported from India in March. Cotton yarn was exported to 71 countries with Bangladesh as the largest importer from India in March, followed by China and Pakistan. The top three together accounted for more than 49.35 per cent of cotton yarn exported from India.

Brazil, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Madagascar were among the fastest growing markets for cotton yarn, and accounted for 3.47 per cent of total cotton yarn export value. Eleven new destinations were added for cotton yarn export, of which North Korea, Chile, Oman and Austria were the major ones.