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India now among handful bullet-resistant jackets manufacturers

These jackets are light weight, between five kg and ten kg, and are of world class quality. The price of these jackets ranges from Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000, considerably lower than the price of the jackets that were being procured earlier. The jackets have a dynamic weight distribution system, which makes it feel half its actual weight. They also have an easy to open and release system to ensure that the jawans can easily wear and remove the jackets. The jackets also allow the jawan to use his weapon with ease while getting a 360 degree protection from bullets. India is exporting these jackets. Maximum areal densities for soft armor panel and hard armor panel have been specified for these jackets.

With this India joins a select group of nations such as the US, UK and Germany that have their own standards for bullet-resistant jackets. The jackets have been made using standards set by the Bureau of India Standard. The standard is expected to fulfil the long-pending demand of the Indian armed forces, paramilitary forces and state police forces and assist them in streamlining their procurement process. This standard has been formulated following the directions of Niti Aayog and the ministry of home affairs.