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Hemp emerging a strong alternative fiber among US apparel makers

Hemp may become a huge factor in the US textile market as more and more people are becoming interested in using it as a fiber. Like bamboo fiber, hemp is known for a porosity and strength that make it great for breathable outdoor wear.

Hemp fiber is hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating, besides being stronger and longer lasting than most other natural fibers. It also has the ability to filter harmful UV rays up to SPF 15 and can be manipulated during manufacturing to increase that range.

Beyond benefits to the wearer, the planet could benefit from the hemp market as well. Hemp needs little rainfall, is drought-resistant and restores nitrogen levels and neutralizes pH levels in soil. Hemp’s performance features are innate to the fiber and brought to the surface during production rather than added as a treatment or finish. Hemp provides these benefits without contributing to microplastic pollution that result from washing and abrasion of synthetic fabrics.

Hemp is already a favorite among designers who use sustainability as a selling point for their collections. Thanks to innovations in production, hemp can be used to create a variety of fabrications. If hemp is abundant by 2022, it will be a crucial factor in its popularity in the US apparel market.