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Global wool market eases

The wool market has shrugged off the lethargy and eased enough to bring a few bargain hunters out of the woodwork. Knitwear types are always the first ones to shrug off the sleep patterns of the hibernation brought about by the off-season, and the carding sector while showing a lot more restraint than a couple of years ago is trending upwards and showing some signs of life. The price comparison of cardings to fleece has reached more sustainable levels again, although a lot of the change has been driven by the drop in fleece wool prices rather than a surge in the price of locks.

The worsted sector, or fleece wools being woven into fabric in the traditional sense for uniforms, men’s and women’s suiting, is plodding along. Orders are dribbling back along the pipeline, but not much more than that.

The leaders of the industry, at the pinnacle of fashion and couture, have laid down the foundation and are going about their business. However, the second tier is just remaining a little more reticent given the number of units they must sell. The further down the pyramid one goes, the larger the number of units and the smaller the margin per unit generally available.