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Garmon offers new finishing technology

Garmon has unveiled a revolutionary patented technology that reduces the amount of water and energy utilised in garment finishing. Smart foam will allow manufacturers to follow a sustainable and accessible garment production. Unlike traditional process, where the chemical carrier is water, in smart foam technology the chemical carrier is a special foam created with new technologies. Smart foam is capable of developing a range of finishes, unique designs and concepts from traditional styles.

Apart from a significant reduction in water and energy consumption, application of chemicals through smart foam helps save water to the extent of 80 per cent. The system requires room temperature to process the treatments. So the energy required is reduced. It is also the easiest and most affordable system for saving water in garment finishing. Compared to the nebulisation system, the all-new smart foam technology can load chemicals three times faster in the washing machine and requires no sealed equipment thereby allowing technicians to interrupt finishing treatments and check garments with safety and ease. The technology can be utilised with any type of traditional or advanced washing machine.

Garmon, a brand for chemical solutions for the denim and fashion industry, also offers easyfoma and easyfoam pro.