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Future Fabrics Expo showcases natural, manmade fibers

Future Fabrics Expo was held in UK from January 24 to 26, 2019. The show highlighted the need for a more varied approach to material selection and manufacture, as current global fiber demand lacks in diversity. In order to inspire a broader textile fiber matrix, Future Fabrics Expo presented a carefully curated range of natural and manmade fibers and fabrics ranging from protein and cellulose-based natural fibers to manmade fibers derived from natural and synthetic polymers.

Organic cotton fabrics featured strongly. JJR Spin Textiles, based in India, showcased an eye-catching range of fabrics combining hand woven tweeds, stripes and checks, hand and machine embroideries and jacquards. The company uses handloom and manual techniques for some of its range to ensure that traditional techniques and skills are preserved. In addition, this approach offers more flexibility in terms of how many colors can be used as well as combining different yarn compositions and thickness.

Material recyclability and biodegradability was featured in a dedicated display, highlighting the urgent need to develop alternatives to single-use plastic packaging and pushing innovation on plastic waste recycling.

In line with the industry’s growing interest in cleaner and healthier materials, the dedicated innovation hub featured a variety of emerging bio-based materials made from agricultural food waste, mushroom mycelium, algae and wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.