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Fulgar extends green portfolio with Q-NOVA Pure Black

Fulgar is the innovative, organic-origin DIN CERTCO certified yarn, has launched eco-friendly Q-NOVA Pure Black yarn developed in line with ‘advanced eco design criteria’. This new specialty yarn joins the highly successful Q-NOVA yarn and together,

Fulgar says, they have inspired the creation of a new family of yarns. Launched by Fulgar in 2013, Q-NOVA by Fulgar, 100% Made in Italy is a polyamide yarn made using regenerated raw materials through a mechanical, non-chemical process that renders the entire production cycle more sustainable, making it possible to achieve reductions in CO2 emissions and water consumption. This virtuous yarn is further enhanced in the version given stretch performance by combining it with the Lycra EcoMade recycled elastomer, which has also been awarded Global Recycled Standard certification for fabrics and garments that are ‘friends of the environment’.

The advantages include simplification of the dyeing process and the total absence of additional black dye with a resulting reduction in water use, energy consumption and waste, as well as total safety for the final consumer.”

Its ability to make the company’s production processes more sustainable means that Q-NOVA Pure Black has also gained numerous green certifications, including Global Recycled Standard. Fulgar says it uses PEF analytical methodology to measure its environmental impact.