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Finland’s LSJH develops infrared textile recycling

LSJH has developed technology for sorting textile waste. This is an infrared-based technology that promises to give textile recycling a giant leap forward by replacing manual sorting with an automated method.

LSJH, based in Finland, is a recycling firm and is in the pilot phase of a processing plant that aims to accelerate the textile circular economy. The goal is to create a facility that will be able to use the new infrared sensor to process all discarded textiles from Finland as well as textile waste from abroad. The recycling firm will deploy the new technology to sort waste textiles starting this autumn. Different fibers will be used for different products, with better quality material reserved for thread that could be used to manufacture new clothing.

So far, waste textiles have been manually sorted in Finland as well as in other parts of Europe. This means that workers have checked labels to identify different kinds of materials. However, labels can be inaccurate or may even be missing. This becomes problematic given that industries using recycled fibers to manufacture new products need to be certain of the raw material they are using. The optical recognition technology currently under development will improve the reliability of identification of fibers in fabrics and will help ensure better quality textile products.