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Fashion companies retreat from sustainability claims


Despite increased scrutiny on ‘greenhusing’  leading to many fashion companies are quietly retreating from their sustainability claims, Sephora plans to strengthen its ‘clean’ and ‘green’ labels for brands whose products meet specific environmental criteria or are free from certain ingredients. 

To provide clarity and consistency on the issue, Sephora aims to expand its climate-conscious and clean labeling initiatives globally. Like Sephora, fast fashion giants Asos and Boohoo have also pledged to improve their sustainability claims, particularly in labeling schemes, after being scrutinised by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority. 

Similarly, German e-tailer Zalando has agreed to remove ‘misleading’ sustainability icons following an investigation by EU officials.

Regulators are emphasising the importance of transparency and precision in labeling schemes to avoid misleading consumers. With regulations on sustainability marketing tightening, companies are facing an increased pressure to substantiate their claims.

The ongoing investigation into Unilever by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority underscores the growing scrutiny on greenwashing. Despite the complexity, advocates like Lindsay Dahl view clearer definitions and increased transparency more positively, indicating a growing shift towards more informed consumer engagement.



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