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EU Design makes corozo buttons

The EU Design/Fenili Group has introduced a collection of garments that feature buttons and embellishments made from corozo as well as various accessories created from this material. Corozo, commonly referred to as vegan ivory, is a 100 per cent natural product that resembles a hard resin in consistency, boasts of excellent durability and scratch resistance, and easily lends itself to dyeing. Obtained from the nuts of a palm that grows in the rainforest of Ecuador, corozo is the product of a process which does not require water for irrigation or fertilizers, resulting in a material that is fully organic and natural.

Consumers around the world are increasingly gravitating toward eco-friendly products. EU Design/Fenili Group, established in 1999, is a supplier to the North American apparel industry, producing and distributing buttons, packaging, fashion trims, and custom jewelry. It is known for its environmentally friendly procurement and production practices. A strong proponent of sustainability, the company maintains R&D centers in Italy and Hong Kong and factories in Italy, India, and China. The group takes great pride in its corporate culture, which combines a modern approach to manufacturing processes with dedication to community support and enterprise values such as accountability, loyalty, proactivity, and workplace safety.