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Emphasize Hemp! conference to look at the pros and cons of the fiber


A 30-minute roundtable conference tilted ‘Emphasize Hemp!’ is scheduled to be held during Denim Premiere Vision in Berlin on May 17, 2022. As per The Spin Off report, the round table will feature some key players from the industry. It will showcase the latest joint development by weaver and exhibitor Naveena Denim (NDL) and the German jeans brand Tom Tailor: denim made from hemp.

These two brands will be joined by Lenzing and The Flax Company–Marmara Hemp who will reflect on the latest denim innovations and disclose the properties of this unique natural fiber that produces very little emissions and ensures minimum waste of resources. The four companies will analyze some of hemp fiber’s weaknesses too. They will highlight the experience of growers, weavers and brands that recently started operating in the industry, and have already established significant relationships within the value chain.

The conference will be attended by Christina Agtzidou, Manager - Design Denim Female, and Juliane Nowakowski, Head - Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, Tom Tailor; Rashid Iqbal, Executive Director, NDL; Denis Druon, President and CEO, The Flax Company–Marmara Hemp; and Michael Kininmonth, Product Development, Lenzing. The conference will be moderated by Maria Cristina Pavarini, Senior Features Editor International, The SPIN OFF/Textil Wirtschaft.


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