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Emi Funayama, her brand FETICO make mark at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong

Emi Funayama her brand FETICO make mark at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong


Japanese fashion designer Emi Funayama and her brand FETICO made their Hong Kong debut at CENTRESTAGE 2023, Asia's leading fashion event. The brand was featured in the CENTRESTAGE ELITES show, which showcases the work of emerging designers from around the world.

Funayama's collection for FETICO was inspired by her own personal style and her love of vintage fashion. The collection featured a variety of classic silhouettes, such as A-line skirts and wrap dresses, in bold colors and prints. Funayama also used sustainable materials in her collection, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The FETICO collection was well-received by critics and fashionistas alike. Funayama was praised for her unique aesthetic and her commitment to sustainability.

In an interview, Funayama said that she was excited to bring her brand to Hong Kong. "Hong Kong is a very fashion-forward city and I think my brand will resonate with the people here," she said. "I'm also impressed by the commitment to sustainability in the Hong Kong fashion industry. I think it's important for designers to be mindful of the environmental impact of their work."

Funayama's presence at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong is a sign of the growing interest in Japanese fashion in Asia. Japanese designers are known for their innovative designs and their use of high-quality materials. Funayama's success at CENTSTAGE is likely to pave the way for other Japanese designers to showcase their work in Hong Kong and other Asian markets.

Emi Funayama and her brand FETICO are well-regarded in the fashion industry. Funayama is known for her unique aesthetic, which blends classic silhouettes with bold colors and prints. She is also committed to sustainability, using organic cotton and recycled polyester in her collections.

Funayama's presence at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong was met with excitement from critics and fashionistas alike. Her collection was praised for its originality and sustainability.



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