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Eltex of Sweden AB marks 60 years milestone


Eltex of Sweden, a trailblazer in integrating electronic sensors into the weaving machinery industry, commemorates its 60th anniversary this month. Since its inception in 1964, Eltex has been at the forefront of enhancing weaving machine efficiency, with its sensor technology playing a pivotal role in elevating production speeds from 150-200 picks per minute in the 1960’s to a staggering 1,200 picks per minute today.

Founded by Åke Rydborn and Ragnar Henriksson, Eltex initially aimed to address the challenge of detecting broken or missing weft yarns during production. Their innovative solution, the world's first electronic weft-stop-motion, debuted at the 1963 ITMA exhibition in Hannover, Germany. This innovation laid the foundation for Eltex's journey, starting from a modest 12 sq m workshop in Älmhult, Sweden, before expanding to a modern 3,000 sq m plant by 1968.

The company's global footprint expanded rapidly, buoyed by the introduction of pioneering technologies such as the all-in-one printed circuit board (PCB) for sensor systems in 1971. Alf-Gunnar Sibbeson, a longstanding employee, reminisces about the early days when Eltex's expertise was in high demand due to the scarcity of electronics specialists in mills and machine builders' teams.

Eltex's evolution continued with strategic expansions into the USA and Ireland, diversifying its product portfolio to include energy control devices, safety systems for food handling, and military-grade battery chargers. Milestones like optical arrival detectors for air-jet weaving machines and the QTV system for warp preparation underscored the company's commitment to innovation.

Recent innovations, such as the Eltex EyETM system for continuous yarn tension monitoring and the ACT and ACT-R units for yarn tension control, demonstrate Eltex's unwavering dedication to enhancing textile production quality and efficiency. CEO Brian Hicks acknowledges the pivotal role of staff, customers, and suppliers in Eltex's success, reaffirming the company's commitment to customer service and technological advancement.

Since its management buy-out in 2007, Eltex has been led by Brian Hicks, Seamus O'Dwyer, and Jonathan Bell, culminating in the formation of Eltex Global Holdings in Ireland. With its headquarters in Osby, Sweden, and primary production facility in Ireland, Eltex remains at the forefront of driving innovation in the weaving machinery industry.



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