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Coats Digital launches GSDCost V5


Coats Digital, the software business of Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread company, has launched GSDCostⱽ⁵, the latest, highly intuitive, browser-based version of the only globally recognized, time-cost manufacturing standard for apparel brands and manufacturers.

The stand-out enhanced feature of GSDCost, is the introduction of a globalised fair wage tool, which combines the international standard time for any given style, with detailed factory efficiencies, contracted hours and the fair living wage for the country. This allows brands and retailers to quickly agree the fair living wage allowance for any given garment, in any factory in the world. The GSDCostV5 fair wage tool brings a new level of visibility and transparency to market-leading brands and manufacturers in discussions on time, cost and compliance. This supports and demonstrates a commitment to fair, sustainable wages and the ethical treatment of garment workers around the world.

GSDCostV5 launches with a native integration into the Res.Q shop floor suite of solutions providing a real-time, digital feedback loop of actual versus standard minute value at the operation level, highlighting variances and opportunities for proactive, continuous improvement. Further integrations with Res.Q will leverage the power of digitized machine inventory and line planning. This will provide the basis for a new level of line balancing, method optimization and faster, more detailed and accurate capacity planning.

GSDCostV5 supports a more collaborative, transparent, efficient and sustainable apparel supply chain, taking time-cost benchmarking, costing optimisation and method improvement to a new level. By doing this, it places people and fair wages at the heart of the recovery from the global pandemic.