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Brexit could be pushed to late 2019 as more time needed to prepare

Though Britishers have voted for an exit from the European Union the actual process could be delayed till late 2019. This us because the government is too chaotic to start the two-year process early next year, it has been reported. Views differ over when it should invoke Article 50 which sets the clock ticking on a two-year deadline to leave the bloc. Prime Minister Theresa May, who campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU and leads a cabinet of ministers from either side of the debate, has said she will not trigger Brexit talks this year as Britain needs time to prepare.

But ministers of the British government have warned senior figures in London’s financial district that Article 50 was unlikely to be triggered early in 2017 because the situation in government was chaotic. It is now being said that ministers are now thinking of triggering Article 50 by Autumn 2017. On the other hand, European leaders have taken a firm line on the speed of Britain’s exit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel observing while it was understandable that Britain would need a few months to figure out its strategy, it couldn’t take much of a time.

But behind the scenes, there has been a growing realisation in Europe’s capitals that the two-year window for negotiating Brexit is far too short. Britain created two new government departments to handle Brexit and international trade led by David Davis and Liam Fox, the two main campaigners for Britain to leave the referendum. Elections in May in France and in September in Germany could also delay the timing of Brexit. It is being said any delay to the process is likely to draw criticism from the pro-leave side of May’s Conservative party with senior members such as John Redwood calling for a quick exit from the bloc.