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Brazil’s Sanista Jeanswear collaborates with Eco Laundry for new collection


A Texbrasil company, Santista Jeanswear, which presented its winter ’23 collection, at Denim City SP in May, has allied its sustainable processes with Eco Laundry. The company has also become the first Brazilian weaving company to achieve high scores in Light Sensitive Fabric Score (LSF) by Jeanologia®, which evaluates the performance of fabrics in sustainable processes in the criteria of luminosity, contrast, degree of white, threadbare and visual aspect.

Among the releases, the company highlighted articles Soft UP and UP which obtained high scores in the Blue Scan. Soft UP also achieved excellent score in the Light Sensitive Fabric Score (LSF). In addition to the Eco Laundry fabrics, the new Panther collection comes in black, Dakota, Dakota Mix and New Like in Super Stretchs and New Slime in the Sticker Power ranges with special Lycra®. The company’s fabrics were analyzed by designers Jorge Feitosa and Tom Martins. The showcase also featured special pieces washed by the Jeanologia Europa team


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