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Better Cotton champions traceability for sustainable fashion


Better Cotton, the world's largest cotton sustainability initiative, will play a pivotal role in the World Trade Organization's Public Forum by hosting a panel discussion on traceability within fashion and textile supply chains. The session, titled 'Traceability as the Key Enabler for Improving the Sustainability of Cotton Value Chains,' is scheduled for September 15th in Geneva, Switzerland.

Jacky Broomhead, Senior Traceability Manager at Better Cotton, will moderate the discussion, featuring experts like Maria Teresa Pisani from the UN's UNECE, Gregory Sampson from the ITC, Jeremy Thimm from GOTS, and Josh Taylor, also from Better Cotton. This panel will examine how traceability can enhance sustainability in cotton value chains, particularly in light of tightening diligence regulations, investor demands, and evolving consumer expectations.

Better Cotton's upcoming traceability solution, after two years of development, will provide supply chain visibility by tracking transactions between stakeholders. This technology will empower fashion retailers and brands to identify the origin of their cotton and the percentage of Better Cotton in their products.

Furthermore, traceability will strengthen the connection between farmers and supply chains, laying the groundwork for Better Cotton's Impact Marketplace, rewarding farmers for adopting sustainable practices.

Jacky Broomhead emphasized the need for collaboration to ensure that traceability benefits the entire textile industry and remains accessible and inclusive. The discussion at the Public Forum promises to shed light on the path toward more sustainable cotton supply chains.



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