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Ahmedabad to host textile event


World Textile Conference will be held in Ahmedabad, February 25 to 26, 2023.

How the textile sector can diversify in challenging times will be the underlying theme of the global event. The conference will highlight the need for investments and R&D in value-added textiles, the market outlook and future of nonwovens, including how regulations and innovations are shaping the nonwovens sector and innovation pathways in the advanced textiles sector.

One discussion will be on how the industry can adopt circular approaches toward conserving resources and be successful. There will be a presentation on how challenges can be met and overcome based on practical approaches such adequate stock maintenance, quality control and new product development.

The event has been organized by the world’s largest textile-related professional organization, Textile Association (India).With uncertainty lingering in the globe in terms of political and economic instability in certain regions, there is a need for revival of the manufacturing sector.

Textile manufacturing received its due spotlight during Covid with the development of different PPE materials that can save lives. The textile sector can contribute to the growth of the global economy and enable job creation by focusing on diversification and innovations in developing advanced and sustainable products.


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