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Accelerating Circularity consortium publishes new report on textile-to-textile recycling


Accelerating Circularity consortium has published a new report that uncovers the potential of textile-to-textile recycling. The report focuses on the US East Coast, covering 20 states and 26 metro areas. It also focuses on polyester, cotton and manmade cellulosic fibers, which together make up 81 percent of the textile market. Within this study region, 5.2 million ton of clothing, linen and household textiles are either put into landfills or incinerated each year. In addition, 90,000 ton of textile waste is generated from mills and other industrial sources.

The report focuses on spent textiles, or those that have already gone through repair and reuse and which have no value in their current state, as the target input for recycling.

A founder member of Accelerating Circularity, Lenzing participates in the initiative for three main reasons, First, circularity is a goal within the Lenzing Sustainability strategy of Naturally Positive, the brand values the leadership of Karla Magruder and working with the companies involved in the group.