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Uster offers profitable solutions for spinners at ITM 2024


Spinners looking for sustainable and profitable mill operations should consider Uster FiberQ and RSO 3D systems, known for their attractive ROI and waste reduction capabilities. These systems will be showcased at ITM 2024, Booth 714B in Hall 7.

Effective raw material management can save 0.5 per cent to two per cent of waste, crucial since raw material costs account for six per cent to 75 per cent of cotton yarn production expenses. For a mill with 50,000 spindles, even a one per cent waste reduction can save USD 255,000 (€ 239,000) annually.

Uster FiberQ enhances raw material utilization through comprehensive software and hardware integration. It simplifies inventory management, ensures consistent laydowns, and improves quality and performance using data from the Uster HVI1000 system. Spinners report significant improvements, such as eliminating barré faults and achieving over 25 per cent better IPI quality.

The Uster RSO 3D system combines Uster Sentinel ring spinning optimization, Quantum 4.0 yarn clearers, and a linked winding machine, providing preventive quality control and traceability. It offers real-time quality mapping for each spindle, ejects outlier cops, and reduces winder stops, enhancing profitability.

Uster’s data-enabled software and expertise replace outdated methods, facilitating optimum yarn quality and performance daily. Investing in these advanced technologies supports long-term sustainability and profitability for textile mills.



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