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US cotton sales rise in Indonesia

The US cotton industry expects a three per cent increase in sales in Indonesia this year. The target would be achieved by approaching consumers directly to promote the products rather than only approaching businesses.

Indonesia imports most of its cotton from the US, Australia and Brazil. Indonesia is Cotton USA’s fourth largest market after China, Turkey and Mexico. Sales in Indonesia range between $300 million and $600 million a year. As a clothing material, cotton is competing with cheaper synthetic materials like polyester. The cotton market share in the raw material market fluctuates from time to time, depending on changing market demand.

To strengthen its grip on Indonesian market, Cotton Council International held its first Cotton Day Indonesia, a series of business seminars and fashion shows, to increase awareness about products among Indonesian consumers. The organization plans to hold Cotton Day every year henceforth. It held such events in Japan too 15 years ago. Cotton Council International is the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council, a US industry association promoting the brand Cotton USA.

The population in Indonesia keeps increasing with a positive birth rate at around one per cent and there's an emerging middle class wearing more of quality garments.