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Unique PTT polymer gives extra stretch, softness to fabrics

PTT (poly trimethylene terephthalate) is an advanced polymer that can be spun into fibers. The fibers and yarns have a unique combination of properties including stretch and recovery, softness, bulk, and easy dye. Fabrics produced from PTT fibers and yarns clean easily and have superior durability.

PTT unifies the main and best characteristics of nylon and polyester for many applications. As compared to other synthetic fibers, PTT is softer, easy dye, keeps vivid colors longer, loses shape easily and just as easily goes back to its original shape. It’s also dirt-resistant and easier to clean and dry. The new generation polyester series elastic fiber PTT, because of its easy processing, excellent elasticity and dyeing, is estimated to make inroads into part of the conventional nylon and PET market.

At one time PTT couldn’t be mass produced. In recent years, though, with rapid development in production technology, PTT fiber manufacture and development has made giant strides and has found its way into commercial production.

Major PTT raw material suppliers in the world are DuPont and Shell. DuPont  adopts an environment-friendly biochemical synthetic technology while Shell does it by chemical synthesis. Recently China has developed a bio-based PTT fiber production technology chain.