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Uganda invites Arab investors in textiles space

Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are exploring investment opportunities in Uganda especially in textile manufacturing, construction of warehouses and assembling buses. Uganda is looking for investors in textiles and leather. The country has now imposed a ban on the export of raw hides and skin to enable the leather industry to grow.

Uganda currently has only three textile plansts, yet they harvest cotton twice a year, with production standing at 1,02,619 bales a year. Uganda has the best quality cotton in east Africa but most of it is exported semi-processed.

About 10 per cent of Uganda’s annual cotton output is processed locally and 90 per cent of its cotton as lint is exported. The country has more than 38 cotton lint exporters.

Uganda produces seven million metric tons of grain a year; however, the storage infrastructure available is for only 550 metric tons, leaving a very big gap. So it would like investors to build storage facilities, especially warehouses, and assembling of buses for public transport. The aim is to have warehouses with a capacity of 7,00,000 metric tons distributed across regions. Land for construction of warehouses will be provided, and an added benefit is that there would be huge employment opportunities.