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Qatar to make synthetic fibers in Bangladesh

Qatar has been invited to invest in synthetic fiber production in Bangladesh. The reason is that Qatar is a known producer of petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are raw materials of synthetic or artificial fiber and Bangladesh is the second-largest apparel manufacturer in the world after China. 

Bangladesh is looking to export construction and building materials like cement and ceramics to Qatar. There is a growing demand for building and construction materials in Qatar. Qatar is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and about 20 factories in Bangladesh are producing jerseys.

Bangladesh has requested Qatar for a display center at Doha airport where apparel products can be showcased round the year. Qatar has significant oil and gas reserves. Energy production per head dwarfs the other Gulf countries. Top exports of Qatar are petroleum gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, ethylene polymers and nitrogenous fertilizers. Top imports are cars, planes, helicopters, and jewelry.

Top export destinations of Qatar are Japan, South Korea, India, China. Top import origins are China, France, United Kingdom, the US and United Arab Emirates.