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Huntsman’s new textile auxiliary helps save 130 million liters of water


Launched a year ago, Huntsman Textile Effects’ all-in-one ErioponE3-Save textile auxiliary for polyester process has helped save more than 130 million liters of water, reports Innovation in Textiles. Textile auxiliary eliminates the need for separate pre-scouring, allowing pre-scouring, dyeing and reduction clearing to be combined in a single bath. Mills that use ErioponE3-Save can shorten the polyester dyeing process and save water, energy and cost.

Dae Young Textile Vietnam Co, an early adopter of the Eriopon E3 Save technology was able to reduce its process time by over 20 per cent and water consumption by over 50 per cent through this technology which also enabled its save 30 per cent annual costs..

The unique polymer technology of Eriopon E3-Save promotes controlled exhaustion to ensure right first-time level dyeing. It extracts oil and oil-based impurities from the fiber during processing and displays a high affinity to disperse dyes, enabling the rapid removal of unfixed surface dyes from the fiber during reduction clearing. The technology also enhances reproducibility and improves wet- and rub-fastness, the company concludes.


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