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Germany-based AM Silk makes bioengineered spider silk

AM Silk is an industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers. It has made a breakthrough with bioengineered spider silk, a new material which is will open new possibilities for applications throughout the medical, cosmetic and textile industries.

The synthetic silk an highly innovative product, has the potential to disrupt industries and provide substantial added value for AM Silk’s partners. The company has achieved what was long regarded as impossible: to learn from nature and produce spider silk artificially. Now it is possible to produce incredibly robust, skin friendly and at the same time environmentally friendly clothes.

Based in Germany, AM Silk is the first industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers. Sustainably produced using a patented biotechnological process, AM Silk high performance biopolymers can be used in multiple ways including in medical or technical products as well as cosmetic ingredients. Among other things, the polymers are biocompatible, breathable and especially robust.

AM Silk’s high performance biopolymers are distributed in the form of Silkbeads (microparticles), Silkgel (hydrogel) or Biosteel fibers. They are currently used in coatings for medical technology products, in the textiles industry and as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

The company was chosen by the German edition of MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world.