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Geosynthetics Summit in New Delhi

The second Global Geosynthetics Summit will be held in New Delhi, May 19 and 20, 2016. The event will take stock of existing guidelines, codal provisions and accreditation processes for adopting geosynthetics for roads, railways and coastal or riverbed applications. Key stakeholders on a single platform will deliberate on mechanisms for encouraging geosynthetics applications as innovative solutions.

Geosynthetics have been used globally since several decades. These materials have provided innovative engineering solutions for several applications in civil and geotechnical engineering, and in particular, infrastructure development. Even while geosynthetics have been extensively used in developed as well as many developing countries, India has yet to capitalise on the technical, economical and environmental benefits of geosynthetics. One way is to make the use of geosynthetics mandatory for all road, railway and coastal projects to the extent of a minimum percentage of the total project costs.

The event will focus majorly on hurdles faced by agencies in adopting geosynthetic solutions and how their concerns can be addressed, how international guidelines can be adapted to Indian conditions and the development of accredited geosynthetic testing laboratories in India. It will also take up the issue of encouraging a life-cycle cost analysis method for evaluating the real economic cost of a project.