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Canada’s Street Legal Clothing looking to source from Tirupur

Street Legal Clothing, based in Canada, will start sourcing garments from Tirupur. But this will be done only if manufacturers based there are able to match the prices offered by the Bangladesh factories. Nevertheless Tirupur remains a strategic sourcing hub for the company.

The company works with three vendors from India. Another plan is to import cotton and polyester cotton blend fabrics from India and get the cutting and stitching done in Bangladesh. Fabrics are imported from China as well. Street Legal, an import house, sources uniforms, work wear, sportswear and hunting jackets from Bangladesh, India, China and Cambodia for the Canada market.

Price is the key point for the company. It is trying to work with vertical units so that the profit does not split and it gets the advantage of complete in-house production while getting benefits on the price issue. If the price is right, Street Legal sources millions of pieces. Otherwise it has to make do with only 2,000 to 3,000 pieces a style. In terms of basic products like men’s shirts and tees, it does 1,00,000 pieces. With a business of $8 billion, the two decade old company has an office in New Delhi.