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C2M, the new model replacing supply chains

The Customer to Manufactory (C2M) business model is replacing the traditional supply chain. End-customer needs can be delivered to manufacturers by just a few swipes and clicks, through which the manufacturer not only saves cost but also obtains immediate market information.

C2M is a model with one end connected to the customer and the other to the manufacturer. All links in between, like inventory, logistics, sales and distribution, can be omitted to save unnecessary cost so that customers can buy high quality goods at lower prices.

The model aims to connect different production processes through the internet and utilize the computer system for immediate data exchange. The production order is placed in accordance with customers’ requirements and the product is customized duly. C2M is called the fourth technology revolution, after the steam engine, electrification, and automation.

This development subverts the traditional retail thinking that manufacturing is driven by customer demands through the e-commerce platform. This on-demand production successfully eliminates factory inventory costs, thus further decreasing customer purchasing cost.

The next edition of Shanghai Tex 2017 scheduled for November 27 to 30, 2017, China, will shed light on forecasting C2M trends to bring more practical solutions to interested industrial players. A zone will share the most cutting-edge marketing information and bring a revolutionary interactive experience to visitors.


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