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BIS approves first ever Indian Standard on bullet resistant jackets

The first-ever Indian Standard (IS ) on bullet resistant jacket for protection against small arms and ammunition for defence, paramilitary and police forces was recently approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). These Bullet Proof Jackets (BPJ): IS17051:2018 prescribes minimum requirements against small arms and their evaluation procedures.

The standard was approved after a draft finalised by the Textiles Protective Clothing Sectional Committee was authorised by the Textile Divisional Council. It was formed keeping in mind the Indian needs. Until now, the bullet proof jackets and helmets provided to the Indian security forces were based on the NIJ III+ Standard, which refers to ballistic resistance of a body armour.

The main challenge was: reducing the weight of the jacket from 10.5 kg to 6 kg matching the scientific criteria. Moreover Indian Standard for bullet resistant jackets is expected to accelerate the procurement process by the user agencies and in testing of materials. It is mandatory that all standards should be adopted in all procurement orders of the security forces.