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Archroma celebrates 100 years of sustainable sulfur dye innovation


Archroma, a global leader in sustainable specialty chemicals, marked a significant milestone by celebrating a century of innovation in sulfur dye technology at its Castellbisbal facility near Barcelona, Spain. The commemorative event hosted over 250 guests, including government officials, Archroma executives, current and former employees, valued customers, and vital stakeholders.

With a legacy of excellence, Archroma Castellbisbal has been at the forefront of sulfur dye advancements. Mark Garrett, CEO of Archroma Group, emphasized the site's dedication to enhancing the eco-friendliness and efficacy of sulfur dyes and dyeing processes, positioning it as a leader in the textile industry.

Since its inception in 1921, Castellbisbal has continually pushed the boundaries of sulfur dyeing technology, impacting the production of denim, casual wear, and workwear fabrics with their colorfast and cost-effective solutions. Notable innovations like the DIRESUL RDT range and DIRESUL EVOLUTION BLACK have cemented Archroma's reputation as a pioneer in sustainable dyeing methods.

Moreover, the facility's patented DIRESUL EarthColors and FiberColors dyes, derived from food and textile industry waste, promote circularity in the textile sector. Castellbisbal's commitment to quality and community engagement, in addition to its contributions to the paper market, solidify its position as a sustainability-focused industry leader.



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