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Vietnam plans to increase exports to Australia

Australia is a market with high purchasing power and stability. Vietnam and Australia are both members of CPTPP, which will help promote trade and expand the scale of investment and cooperation between the two sides in the future. Although each side has its own potential, strengths and a variety of commodities, the value of Vietnam’s exports to Australia is still modest. The main products shipped from Vietnam to Australia are footwear and cashew nuts. However Australia is one of the most fastidious importers in the world. The room for exporting Vietnamese products is still vast but not for all types of products.

Consumer numbers are also smaller than other traditional export markets. Vietnamese enterprises needed to study carefully to penetrate the market by focusing on agricultural products such as dragon fruit, mango and key export products such as textiles, computers, wooden furniture and telephones. There is strong competition in the import and retail areas in Australia. Vietnamese firms need to build long-term business strategies which focus on product introduction and branding, trust creation and relationships to approach Australia’s retail system.

Australia is one of the 20 largest economies in the world, with outstanding potential in science and technology, mineral exploitation, high-quality services and agricultural products.