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The Change Fashion Forum focuses on innovation

The Change Fashion Forum and Workshop was held in the US, June 27. This is an event that brings together leaders from the fashion industry, academia, and non-profit organizations to begin the development of a prioritized sustainable fashion research agenda and roadmaps for the priority areas identified in the agenda.

Change Fashion Forum focuses on creating innovation to pioneer the future of fashion and create a new sustainable ecosystem in the fashion industry. This means innovation throughout the entire product lifecycle, toward a circular and regenerative model — changing the way garments are designed, produced, shipped, bought, used, and recycled by introducing disruptive science and technology, and new business models.

The event comprised five working group sessions covering the stages in the circular ecosystem of the fashion industry: materials, production/manufacturing, retail and consumer, supply chain, and closing the loop. The event was sponsored by the Chapman Perelman Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences.

New York Academy of Sciences hosts leading researchers from institutes and universities representing expertise from the fields of chemical engineering, toxicology, design, and material sciences. Beyond business model innovation, scientific and technological advancement offers the greatest hope to drive the evolution of the fashion industry towards a more sustainable model.