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Spinnova creates textile fibers from wood

Spinnova has developed technology for spinning textile fibers out of wood and waste stream-based cellulose. Unlike the toxic viscose process, this sustainable process involves no dissolving or other complex chemicals. Also, the fiber has a uniquely small footprint and opportunities for circular fiber production are created. Likewise, this ground breaking technology also offers an alternative to the use of cotton, which is a strain to both land and table waters. This is resource efficiency at its best and also creates a value-added product that is attractive to the consumer, while mitigating climate change. In future, the biomass can be used to produce energy and textile fiber. Thus this will cater to the world’s biggest problem, a growing population that requires more and more natural resources to produce food and clothes.

Spinnova, a Finnish sustainable fiber company, is building a bio-based ecosystem for converting agricultural waste such as straw into textiles. Moreover, Spinnova is also in the process of commercialising its virgin wood-based cellulose fiber product with pulp producer Suzano. The new pilot factory marks a major step towards large-scale production of sustainable cellulose fibers. Spinnova has teamed up with clean energy firm Fortum. This has been piloted using innovative raw materials, especially agro residues.