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Spain’s textile industries turnover takes a dip

The Spanish textile industry’s turnover has continuously dipped for two consecutive months in May and June 2013. The turnover index of the textile industry in June 2013 recorded a decrease of 9 per cent, after a fall in May when it registered a decline of 3.6 per cent. 

The decline in textile industry turnover is the largest compared to the average turnover of the Spanish industrial sector, which fell by 4 per cent in June 2013. Contrary to the textile industry, the turnover of the garment manufacturing sector in Spain rose by 3 per cent in June, compared to a dip of 1.7 per cent in May 2013. 

The New Orders Index (IEP) of industries related to the Spanish apparel sector grew unevenly in the month of June 2013. The IEP of the clothing industry recorded an increase of 15.4 per cent whereas that of textiles registered a decrease of 2.4 per cent. 

The IEP in manufacturing of knitted fabrics, carpets, rope, non-woven fabrics, textile products for technical and industrial use, as well as other textile products also decreased by 0.9 per cent. 

In June 2013, the textile sectors production also fell by 5.4 per cent year-on-year. Spanish companies have developed many innovations like automatic reeling machines, circular knitting machines for fine gauge sweaters and clothing inspection by artificial vision, electronic sectional warping machines with visual width control, re-reeling machines and automatic reeling machines.